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 Three easy steps to take: 

1. Apply for a Puppy First, click here

2. After the puppy application is approved, pay a non-refundable reservation fee of $250 (goes toward final puppy price)

3. Fill out the electronic reservation form (below)


Ways to pay for your Reservation Fee puppy:

1. Zelle

2. Cash

3. Paypal ($250 + 3% Paypal Fee = $257.50)

4. Mail a check

5. Good Dog


We accept PayPal and personal checks only for the reservation fee not for the remaining balance. 

Remember this is a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee. The reservation fee will not be returned because you did not get the puppy you wanted. Puppies are picked in the order of the reservation list. If it becomes time to pick and the pups that are available do not meet your needs, you can move to a future reservation list. The families will be selecting the puppies in the same order based on the date and time as we received the reservation fees. The puppy's selection will be after the pups visit the vet for their health clearance (7-weeks) and temperament evaluations performed.


Customers with deposits get priority in the selection process on a first-in-first-out basis. When making a deposit, it is important to know that while we try very hard to meet our customers' selection choices, we cannot guarantee the sex and color of your choice will always be available. We do guarantee a healthy, well-adjusted puppy that will provide many years of happiness, loyalty, and companionship. We do allow transfers from one litter to another.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time, and we always have the right of the first pick of any litter.

We've had a lot of customers tell us they don't want to be the last on the waiting list for fear that the last puppy might not be as good as the other puppies in the litter. Of course, you may always select a later litter when making your deposit to get a higher spot on the list, and we recommend that you do this if you have very specific requirements, but we also want people to remember that all puppies in a litter are normally very similar. Any given puppy could be the last one chosen in any given litter. It might be that people want certain sex, temperament trait, or a certain color, or a certain size, and the last one chosen didn't happen to meet the previous selectors' criteria. Last does not mean least where puppies are concerned!

 Pickup Day: Payment only Cash or Bank Cashier's Check 

(No Money Orders or Personal Checks). You cannot pay by Personal Check or PayPal on pickup day



In order for your $250 non-refundable reservation list fee to be accepted, please agree to the following terms:

1. I understand and agree that my $250 deposit is non-refundable. I am not guaranteed my puppy of choice or gender of choice; however, I understand that I can continue to defer my place in line and add myself to future reservation lists until I get the puppy I want and /or need.

I understand and agree to the terms and conditions


​2. I also understand that the timing of litters is uncontrolled, as well as a successful pregnancy. We are not able to control the timing of heat cycles. We also have the right to cancel a reservation due to the best interest of the parents involved (the health of our parent dogs is paramount to having a litter). In the event a reservation list (breeding pair) is canceled, I will be given other upcoming options. Heat cycles and timing is not guaranteed.

I understand and agree that timing is never guaranteed


3. I understand that clients choose in the order of the reservation list and clients can choose any of the puppies available to them at their selection time and placement. If a client is not in attendance nor is reachable by phone during their 30-minute selection timeframe, then they will forfeit their placement.

​☑ I understand and agree with the selection day process.

4. We reserve the right to use any puppy selections in any form or fashion without restriction. We also reserve the right to replace a client that chooses to remove themself from the list with our own selection.

I understand and agree to the Great Doodles' right to use their pick in any form or fashion they choose.


​5. I am aware that puppies can have certain common ailments upon coming home. Urinary tract infections, parasites, ear infections, and allergy issues are all common. While we routinely deworm and monitor for potential UTIs and ear infections, sometimes the stress of leaving the breeder causes issues to flare up. I understand it will be my responsibility to treat and care for my new puppy once they leave the breeder.

I understand that puppies can have certain ailments and I agree to ensure they get the proper care and medication if needed.


6. I understand that due to safety concerns, we no longer ship puppies. You must pick up your puppy or pay for nanny transport.

I agree to be responsible for all costs associated with picking up the puppy on selection day (either myself or a puppy nanny).

By clicking below you accept and agree with the Great Doodles terms and conditions regarding the non-refundable reservation fee.

If you want to send your reservation fee via PayPal, a link will redirect you after submitting your reservation form. If it doesn't, here is the PayPal Link

Payment & Contract

Health & Certificates

Your New Puppy


-Great is the LORD! He is most worthy of praise!  Psalm 96:4-

-Great is the LORD! He is most worthy of praise!  Psalm 96:4-