Purposed Dual sired litter to ensure that the female’s ovulation does not go to waste. Siring with two dogs ensures that you will definitely get a litter, even if one having fertility issues

A multi-sired litter is a group of puppies that are born from the same mother, in a single ovulation but have more than one father.

Puppies of the same multiple sired litter can look totally different from each other and when put through a DNA test, can show completely varying genetic lines. It is a fascinating miracle that only dogs are blessed with. The female can birth a litter of 6-8 puppies in one go, all belonging to different genetic lines.


Can a Single Puppy Have Different Fathers?

No, they cannot. A single puppy will constitute of one father and one mother only. A full litter of 6-8 puppies can have different fathers, but each puppy will only be the offspring of one male and one female. During ovulation, she will release many eggs. She will mate with a male dog that will release his semen into her. The semen will contain many sperms. A single sperm fertilizes an egg and when the sperm meets the egg, a fetus begins to form. There is no room for more sperms to meet the egg anymore.

How Can a Litter of Puppies Have Multiple Sires?

A female dog in heat produces many eggs at a time during ovulation. This makes her so fertile that she can conceive during every breeding. When the female in heat ovulates, these eggs aren’t even fully mature. So the sperm from different copulations simply clings onto her uterine lining, waiting for eggs to mature.

The eggs of animals mature in the uterine horns, an organ that is very prominent in most mammals. When these eggs are accessible to be fertilized, the sperm that has been sticking to the uterine lining impregnates them.

Thus, if the sperm from multiple dogs is present, multiple puppies are sired in the same heat cycle. 

The puppies born out of this process are genetically proven to be from different fathers. Their appearance also differs from one another and so do their habits.

This particular genetic marvel is what makes canines and felines stand out in the animal kingdom. The ability to sire different puppies from single ovulation sets our pets apart.


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