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Our Guardian Home Program

Thank you for your interest in our Guardian Program!

We are so thankful for our guardian homes and are always in need of those interested in the program so that we can continue our unique scientific breeding program for the betterment of the Goldendoodle Breed. The main reason for the guardian program is that allows professional breeders an opportunity to Test and Retest to ensure that only GREAT dogs will continue in this breed. These great dogs join our Guardian families at a great price (no cost to you). The dog becomes a loving part of your family and Great Doodles maintains exclusive rights for breeding with unlimited access. Once a dog is retired, the dog's ownership will transfer to your family if desired at no cost. Guardian families share in the profits from their dog’s litters (ask about compensation). Of course, there are requirements set forth in the agreement that must be followed for obvious reasons.

Guardian Program Facts:

Are there any requirements for the guardian home location or set up?
  1. The guardian family must live within two hours of Heathrow, FL.

  2. All houses should have a fenced yard and families should keep in mind that our dogs should not be left outside alone.

  3. If the guardian family lives in an apartment, they need to have a plan to occupy the puppy.

  4. The guardian family must notify Great Doodles within 14 days of moving.

  5. The guardian may not have an intact dog in addition to their guardian dog.

What guidelines does the guardian family have to follow when raising the puppy or dog?
  1. The family needs to feed Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice for All Stages.

  2. The guardian family is to avoid all chemicals.

  3. If the dog becomes sick or injured, guardian families must notify the owner (Great Doodles) right away so we are involved in all decisions regarding the treatment of the dog.

  4. The guardian family must practice safe handling of the dog. Always use a leash and provide basic obedience training so the dog develops and maintains good manners.

  5. The guardian family must have the dog enrolled in Trupanion or similar pet insurance. 

  6. The guardian family must have the dog in Revolution monthly preventative for flea, heartworm, and ticks.

  7. The guardian family is responsible either for the transportation of the dog to us, or arranging to meet us part way for pick up of the dog for all health certifications, testing, showing, and breeding.

At what age do you start breeding the dog?

  1. Females will be bred after 24 months old.

How long does the dog need to be with you?
  1. The guardian family must notify us immediately as soon as they are aware the female dog is in heat. We will coordinate for her transfer as soon as possible. Breeding takes approximately two weeks. Health certifications take two to four days.

  2. Male dogs may be with us for up to a week for breeding.

What happens during pregnancy?
  1. Pregnancy is actually very easy. Normal play and running during the first half of pregnancy is great. After that, we limit activity to walks on a leash and NO BALL CHASING TYPE OF ACTIVITIES. 

  2. Revolution for flea, heartworm, and ticks will continue to be given on a monthly basis during pregnancy.

What happens during the whelping process?
  1. The female will come home to the owner (Great Doodles) two weeks before the due date. She will stay until puppies go home at 8 weeks of age.

  2. She will be closely monitored and no expense will be spared in her care.

What are the guardian’s obligations in medical care? 
  1. While the dog is in the guardians care any preventable illness or injury, not related to the breeding program, is the guardian family’s financial responsibility, just as it would be for your pet if it were not part of the guardian program. 

  2. All medical decisions are to be made by the owner of the dog, Great Doodles.

  3. If the guardian family is negligent and the dog is lost or dies when in your care we will ask for you to be responsible for Great Doodles' financial loss. If you are caring for the dog in a responsible way this shouldn't be a problem. We recognize that bad things can happen to anybody. Fortunately, we have never had a serious injury or loss to any dog in our guardian program. 

What does the guardian home pay for and what does the breeder pay for?
  1. The guardian home pays for any normal care items for the dog. Food, dishes, leashes, beds, normal vaccinations, flea & tick treatments, heartworm, deworming, toys, etc.  Those normal expenses one would have with any pet.

  2. The owner (Great Doodles) pays for all expenses related to health certifications (including repeat testing), showing, testing for breeding purposes, all breeding and litter expenses.

When are dogs retired from the guardian program?
  1. Females will have the last breeding during their fifth year.

  2. Males will be used through their sixth year.

Who pays for the spay/neuter?
  1. The owner (Great Doodles) pays for the spay/neuter. 

What happens if the dog does not meet Great Doodles' breeding standards?
  1. Our breeding standards are very high. We aren’t bashful about removing dogs from our program and test extensively to do just that. If the dog in your care does not meet our breeding standards, you may want to adopt the dog. In either case the dog will be spayed/neutered after he/she is fully grown.


We work hard to select the best of the best of our dogs for our guardian homes. If you are willing to make an honest commitment to us we will be as flexible as possible to make this program work for you.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us. We can provide references from other participants in the guardian program if you have additional questions.

We like to be clear, guardianship homes do not legally own the dog until the dog is finished producing puppies and has been spayed/neutered. You are a guardian home and the dog and puppies legally belong to Great Doodles until we transfer ownership to you. Once the dogs are done producing, they are spayed/neutered and at that time the guardian becomes the legal owner of the dog free of charge.


The adoption fee for the Guardian Family is waived in recognition of the fact that this is a co-ownership and requires a significant commitment on your part to share the dog with us for several years. 


A contract is prepared that clearly outlines each party's responsibilities and commitments. 

If you are interested in applying to our guardian program, please fill out our Guardian Home application.

Each Dog

We believe that puppies or dogs are best served integrated into a loving family rather than kennel-raised. Dogs are social animals that adore their families and want to be with them. Dogs want to be involved in their family’s daily life and participate as beloved family members. By placing them in a home environment from a young age, we are doing our best to ensure their happiness and stability.

Our Guardian Families

Guardian homes get a top-quality Goldendoodle. You invest time, love, and cooperation. Additionally, our homes have the opportunity to receive compensation while working with your four-legged family member.

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The Goldendoodle Breed

This program allows us an opportunity to Test and Retest to ensure that the VERY best dogs will continue in this breed.

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