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 SINCE 2017



Our family takes great pride in providing the very best start to life when raising our puppies. Before our dogs are bred, they are genetically screened for 170+ traits and disorders.


The journey started in 2017.

We had no success in locating in Florida a breeder with an elite puppy curriculum empowering the dog to be Great, and with a high success in producing therapy dogs. As a mom, who will do everything to help my HF-ASD son succeed, and with a microbiology background, I decided to embark on the adventure and make it happen. I prepared myself with the best mentors for 3-years before breeding Goldendoodle puppies.


Our dogs truly love to be with us and reside in our homes and on laps. We live out on a small acreage just minutes from Orlando, Florida.

Our puppies are born and start their adventure in life in our home, surrounded by humans. We will ensure they are loved and will start them on the basics until the point they go to their forever homes.

Our goal is to keep consistency in our lines and as such we only breed for excellence!

Each pup is home-raised with temperament, structure & health all being important factors. We firmly believe in breeding Top Quality with a Great Attitude. Health, temperament, and conformation are important to us.


We test all our dogs before they enter our breeding program, and retire them into cherished pets living out their lives with us.

Always Striving for consistency and the highest quality breeding standards in our elite small program. 

- The Soto Family -



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