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Why are Contracts important, and do we have one?

We care very deeply about our puppies' physical, mental, and emotional health. As a result, our puppies always leave with a signed contract. A contract covers the seller, the buyer, and the puppy and allows for everyone to have a better experience in the process. It is our goal to be responsible in regards to our dogs and the puppies we bring into this world. That means we are always there for support to the buyer. It also means we want to make sure that a Great Doodles puppy never sees the inside of a shelter, is being irresponsibly bred, or is living in poor conditions.

Our goal is to provide the best possible care to our puppies and dogs while making sure that they are not being improperly placed with families without a legal contract. Our contract also ensures you're bringing home a healthy, well taken care of the puppy.

What if we can't keep our puppy any time after we bring it home?

Keeping our dogs out of shelters and in loving homes is VERY important to us. Making sure every puppy we raise stays in the best home possible is a commitment we make the day each puppy is born. Because of this, we have a very strict re-homing clause in our contract. It that states if for any reason you can no longer keep the puppy you buy from us you will contact us immediately. We will either assist you in finding your puppy a new perfect home or if you are in a rush/bind we will take the puppy back ourselves and find them a new perfect home. These puppies are a lifetime commitment and once we bring a puppy into this world, we are bound to assuring that puppy stays happy and loved throughout its years.

Do you offer breeding rights?

All of our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter agreement unless you are approved to buy a puppy on a breeder contract. This approval will be based upon your knowledge of breeding, as well as your knowledge of the breed. You will need a GANA mentor in order to breed, whether this is us or another well-known GANA breeder. We reserve the right to refuse a breeder contract at any time. After approval of your program, you will pay an additional $3,000 for breeding rights.

What if we buy a puppy and decide to breed after they come home?

Anyone wanting to buy a puppy as a pet and then breeding it in the future secretly should know that we require proof of spay and neuter before one year. If this is not provided we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law, as stated in our contract. We screen our breeders very well to ensure that a breeder knows what they are doing and is breeding out of love and to better the Goldendoodle.


Should you breed without having breeding rights, could lose your dog, will need to refund the money made of the puppies, and will not be refunded for the price of the dog bred because you will be in breech of contract. If surgery must be delayed because the puppy is sick we require proof from your vet as well as their contact information to verify.

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